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2015 is the 20th anniversary of MédiS laboratories.

2015 is the 20th anniversary of MédiS laboratories.

"It‘s been 20 years ago when MédiS was just an ambition with vague outline, A lined intuition of a profound conviction of success of the dream of my life..." Lassaad BOUJBEL | Founder and Pharmacist MédiS CEO

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Quality Control Laboratory

Quality Control Laboratory

The quality control department, within MédiS Laboratories, is one of the complex systems of quality evaluation in its widest sense, ensuring diverse activities of control and expertise…

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Production Site

Médis manufactures and markets generic and innovative products; both prescribed medicines and OTC.

We have 9 channels of production dedicated to: dental cartridges, ampoules, freeze-dried vials, powder bottles; eye drops bottles, Pre-filled syringes and dry forms (tablets, capsules and packets)

The setting of Médis production site in an area away from any form of pollution, its proximity to a developed urban center, that of Nabeul-Hammamet and the abundance of skilled labors, provide it a favorable environment and operating conditions.

The layout of Médis production space meets the following criteria:

  • Several areas of production each specializing in galenic /dosage form
    Production zones are designed as modules in order to facilitate the transition from one technology to another if any and the expansion
  • Equipment of our production units are internationally renowned.
  • We have a laboratory of research and development, quality control laboratory and quality assurance department for development and optimization processes.
  • We also provide manufacturing products for others.

Médis has a certification of compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) according to WHO recommendations, issued by our Ministry of Public Health, certifying that our quality system complies with regulatory requirements.

Médis has a research and development department that ensures the development of generic products.

We have a new quality control laboratory, the LCM (Médis Central Laboratory), comprising a unique new microbiological entity in Tunisia, which ensures the control of raw materials, products in production, semi-finished products, products bulk and finished products.

Our quality assurance department checks the batch records and in collaboration with groups from different departments, conducts the inspection and release of products.

We have set up a specific training program, carried out periodically for all employees depending on the specialty and qualifications.

We persevere in achieving our main objective, which is to implement a technologic infrastructure to optimize the use of our plant production and foster the development of high quality products at competitive costs.