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2015 is the 20th anniversary of MédiS laboratories.

2015 is the 20th anniversary of MédiS laboratories.

"It‘s been 20 years ago when MédiS was just an ambition with vague outline, A lined intuition of a profound conviction of success of the dream of my life..." Lassaad BOUJBEL | Founder and Pharmacist MédiS CEO

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Quality Control Laboratory

Quality Control Laboratory

The quality control department, within MédiS Laboratories, is one of the complex systems of quality evaluation in its widest sense, ensuring diverse activities of control and expertise…

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MédiS annals



In this very changing field of metabolic, renal and cardio-vascular prevention and in the presence of multitude of publish mega clinical trials every year, the continuing education constitutes in this filed a very important mean to make the approach of our patients actualized and optimal.

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases01/01/1970

The Mediterranean exanthematous fever, endemic disease in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, is the most cmmon rickettsiosis in Tunisia.



Continuous medical education is a noble attitude adopted by MédiS Laboratories.



It's a great pleasure for me to present this 20th issue of the MediS annals which treats a theme related to endocrinology

Loco-Motor System

Loco-Motor System01/01/1970

What can be pleasant than to see MédiS Laboratorie annals issies following each other, with, at each time an intersting data update using a clinical case

Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases01/01/1970

The acute community-acquired pneumopathy is a very common infection, affectting the pulmonary parenchyma.



It pleases me to praise the MédiS Laboratories for this initiative which is subscribed in the strait way of the continuing education and which aims to offer to physician the means to be up to date and to the patients a better quality of care.

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